Artur Lamborghini Corso Kennel

Artur Lamborghini Corso Kennel | Date of birth: 01. 04. 2021.

Character & Temper:

Playful and silly dog! Loves other dogs, running, children and food. He also very much enjoys swimming. When it comes to walking, he is the main defender of everything around him and he loves to show his dominance. He never misses a chance to delight everyone with his cooperation at the exhibitions. He is a “dangerous” watchdog for sure.

Visual characteristics:

He is a tiger-like male and is therefore different from the others – we like to say he’s unique. With white spot on the chest, large bones, great angles and dark eyes.

Titles & Achievements:

Puppy Bob x 2
J.BOB x 9
J.CAC x 8
BOS x 3
CAC x 11
BOB x 8
JCH SRB / Junior Champion Serbia
JCH BiH / Junior Champion Bosnia and Herzegovina
CH SRB / Champion Serbia
CH BiH / Champion Bosnia and Herzegovina
Grand Champion Serbia
Grand Champion Bosnia and Herzegovina
Junior Club Winner – Specijalka CC Velika Greda 2022
BOB (Best of Breed) Club Winner Specijalka Kovin


Genetic Testing Results

As a Cane Corso breeder, we want to ensure that our dogs are healthy and free from any genetic conditions that could affect their quality of life. This means that our dogs do not carry any of the genetic variants associated with these health conditions.

Family tree

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