CACIB Smederevo: Artur Takes the Show by Storm

CACIB Smederevo 2022 - Artur Lamborghini Corso Kennel Takes The Show By Storm Cover

The international exhibition “CACIB Smederevo 2022” was a huge success for the  Lamborghini Corso Kennel team. The exhibition, which is one of the largest in Serbia, featured 550 exhibitors, 170 foreign dogs, and 40 world champions. Among the participants was our male cane corso dog, Artur.

We are thrilled to announce that Artur was extremely successful at the exhibition, winning several awards including CAC, CACIB, and BOB. These awards are a testament to his exceptional breeding, training, and overall excellence as a representative of the Cane Corso breed.

But that’s not all – Artur’s successes didn’t stop at the “CACIB Smederevo 2022” exhibition. He also took home the title of CAC and BOB at the “Cane Corso Specialty Club Show,” further solidifying his status as a top example of the breed.

We couldn’t be more proud of Artur and all that he’s accomplished. As a team, we strive to breed, train, and show the best Cane Corso dogs possible, and Artur is a shining example of our efforts. We look forward to continued success in the future and thank all of our supporters for their continued encouragement and support.


Artur is a well-built and muscular male Cane Corso, with a sleek black coat and a strong, athletic physique. He has a confident and proud bearing, and his intelligence and trainability make him a joy to work with. He is a well-tempered dog, with a great character, known for being a loyal companion, protective and a great family pet.

One of the things that sets Artur apart from other cane corso dogs is his exceptional temperament. He is a very friendly and outgoing dog, who loves to meet new people and other dogs. He has a great sense of humor and loves to play and have fun, but he is also very obedient and well-behaved. He is a perfect example of the Cane Corso breed, known for being a strong and courageous guard dog, but also gentle and affectionate with family and friends.


Artur Lamborghini Corso Kennel

13. 08. 2022.
CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed (BOB)

13. 08. 2022.
CAC, Best of Breed (BOB)
Best of Breed Club Winner – Cane Corso Specialty Club Show

Artur Lamborghini Corso Kennel -Title - Cane Corso Specialty Club Show

Artur’s great character is not just limited to his temperament, but also his health and physical capabilities. He has been regularly checked by veterinarians and passed all health clearances, he is up to date on all of his vaccinations and has a healthy diet. He has also been trained in various obedience and protection training, which makes him a well-rounded dog.

In summary, Artur is an exceptional representative of the Cane Corso breed, with his great character, temperament, health, and physical capabilities. He is a true joy to work with and a fantastic companion for anyone looking for a loyal, protective and loving pet.


At the time of adoption, our puppies are 100% guaranteed to be in good health and free of any signs of infection or contagious or communicable diseases. We are proud that our relationship with you does not end when you buy a puppy from us.

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