Dušanka Claims Vice Junior European Winner Title

Euro Dog Show 2023 Lamborghini Corso Kennel

We are thrilled to share the remarkable achievements of Lamborghini Corso Kennel at the prestigious European Dog Show 2023, held in Denmark at the renowned MCH Messecenter Herning. With fierce competition from top-notch canines across Europe, our exceptional Cane Corso, Dušanka, showcased her outstanding qualities and secured an array of well-deserved accolades.

Dušanka's Extraordinary Triumph

Dušanka, a remarkable representative of the Cane Corso breed, emerged victorious at the European Dog Show 2023, leaving an indelible mark on the event. In the highly competitive Class 9-18 category, she stood out from the rest and claimed the distinguished title of Vice Junior European Winner (VP2/8). This achievement highlights Dušanka’s impeccable lineage, conformation, and exceptional qualities.

A Stellar Performance

Dušanka’s success at the European Dog Show 2023 is a testament to her undeniable talent and the dedication of the Lamborghini Corso Kennel team. The judges recognized her remarkable attributes, including her strong build, impressive gait, and overall presence. Her performance exemplified the breed’s characteristics, showcasing the result of careful breeding and expert handling.

Intense Competition

The European Dog Show is renowned for attracting the crème de la crème of canine competitors from all corners of Europe. The level of competition was exceptionally high, with top-quality dogs vying for the coveted titles. Against this formidable backdrop, Dušanka’s achievements hold even greater significance, signifying her exceptional capabilities as a Cane Corso.

Celebrating Dušanka's Success

We are immensely proud of Dušanka’s accomplishments at the European Dog Show 2023. Her Vice Junior European Winner title (VP2/8) in Class 9-18 is a testament to her superior breed characteristics and outstanding temperament. Additionally, securing the 4th place best female title further cements her position as an exemplary representative of the Cane Corso breed.

Dušanka's European Dog Show Journey

The success of Dušanka and Lamborghini Corso Kennel at the European Dog Show 2023 would not have been possible without the diligent efforts and expertise of our dedicated team. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the judges, organizers, and fellow participants for making this event a truly memorable one.

Lamborghini Corso Kennel Excels

The European Dog Show 2023 marked a significant milestone for Lamborghini Corso Kennel, with Dušanka’s exceptional achievements setting new benchmarks. Her Vice Junior European Winner title (VP2/8) and 4th place best female title serve as a testament to the kennel’s commitment to breeding top-quality Cane Corsos. This extraordinary success further solidifies Lamborghini Corso Kennel’s position as a leading name in the Cane Corso breeding community, and we look forward to continued excellence in the future.

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