Duško Lamborghini Corso Kennel

Dusko Lamborghini Corso Kennel
Dusko Lamborghini Corso Kennel | Date of birth: 08. 03. 2022.

Character & Temper:

Cane Corso dog from a prestigious bloodline. Renowned for its remarkable temperament, this dog combines impressive lineage with a gentle disposition. Affectionate and cuddly, it thrives on human interaction, forming strong bonds with both people and children. A paragon of non-aggression, it embodies the breed’s protective nature without a hint of hostility. Elevate your companionship with a Cane Corso that embodies both refined heritage and a heartwarming, affectionate demeanor.

Visual characteristics:

Exuding the quintessential Cane Corso charm, this dog boasts a powerful build, showcasing a harmonious blend of muscularity and elegance. Its well-defined features reflect strength, while its naturally uncropped ears add an authentic touch to its classic appearance.

Titles & Achievements:


Genetic Testing Results

As a Cane Corso breeder, we want to ensure that our dogs are healthy and free from any genetic conditions that could affect their quality of life. This means that our dogs do not carry any of the genetic variants associated with these health conditions.

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