Our Story

It all started with our first dog, Lamborghini who is now a champion in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.
We actually never had Cane Corso before nor did we think at first that we will get in the dog breeding business. We searched for any available information online, inquired about dog breeding with other kennels, and we both agreed that this is what we always wanted to do. One step at a time, our hobby transformed into love and devotion! 

Both of us developed enormous love for this breed. After Lamborghini, came Ciara who swept us of our feet with her graceful appearance. Then came Mona, who was a little playful pup that grew into a beautiful female. After each new dog our love for Cane Corso just amplified!

The first litter arrived, which we welcomed with utter excitement and curiosity about how the whole process will go down. As you can imagine, everything went really well and we got ourselves beautiful new members of Lamborghini family!